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The definition of a Civil and Structural consultancy and our role as one...

A Civil and Structural Consultancy for any scheme brings to it the individual or team who have the experience and the ability to interact quickly with other professionals to conceive the optimum structure that is functional, robust, to budget, buildable, that can be easily maintained and, eventually, readily dismantled’.

As a Civil and Structural Consultancy we work on a wide range of projects, including domestic, retail and commercial buildings, theatres, sports stadia, hospitals, bridges, transport terminals, factories, shopping centres, maritime facilities and surrounding infrastructure.  We also advise on the repair of dilapidated or damaged structures, the extension of existing structures, and the restoration and renovation of historic buildings.

In addition, our responsibility includes the critical issues of robustness, safety, serviceability, buildability and economy; these relate not only to the concept design but also to the design and detailing of each individual structural element.  The contractor / builder must also be furnished with the necessary information to construct the structure safely.  To achieve this, we as a consultancy are able to offer a range of services as listed on the following page to meet the client’s needs.

The needs of you the reader and potentially our client are diverse which makes our role both rewarding and challenging. You may wish us to provide calculations for a small beam to open out an existing kitchen in your home or you may want us to carry out the design of a shopping centre. Each project whether big or small is of the same importance to you individually and we therefore aim to offer the same level of service to one and all.


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